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Direct And Secure Pipe to your Oracle Fusion Data | Expert Series

Data-driven enterprises have a constant need to turn business data into actionable information quickly. This often requires moving their SaaS-hosted data to analytical/intelligence platforms that provide comprehensive insights far exceeding the default capabilities of SaaS enterprise application. We’ve several examples that showcase how this is possible by providing a simplified approach to pull in your Oracle Fusion SaaS data.

Data pipelines take all the manual steps needed to solve those problems and turn the process into a smooth, automated workflow. Our dedicated data pipeline for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications replicates cloud data from SaaS pods to an Oracle/Snowflake/SQL Server database. It delivers seamless integration with your enterprise data residing in the Oracle SaaS environments.

It’s a way for you to get all the data you need without building different versions of HCM extracts, going through OTBI reporting roadblocks, and forcing user adoption of IT-generated BI Publisher reports. In this session you will learn:

We’ll walk you through:

  • How to download and replicate Cloud SaaS data into a database.
  • Resolve business problems through the replicated environment.
  • Streamline several manual procedures around data extraction.
  • and more …
Direct And Secure Pipe to your Oracle Fusion Data

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