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Is there a
culture shift?

See a shift in the “way things were” from “the way things are”

What is our
organization culture?

Realize that the times have changed; need a mindset shift

Programs do not define or transform leaders. Courage to be self-aware, willingness to change, passion to “make it happen” does. One of the challenges of leadership today is self – awareness. Realization of core strengths and leveraging these to effective leadership action; or recognition of areas of enhancement and working with these to reduce negative impact as a leader.

At Ensaan we use effective assessment tools – psychometric and 360 diagnostics, to help leaders identify, affirm and understand their areas of development.

It draws forth the “creative”, highlighting desirable Leadership Competencies and at the same time throws light on the “reactive” tendencies that could be an impediment to effective leadership.

Draw on the expertise of our experienced, certified assessors and coaches to make the leadership leap you want. We work with individual leaders and executive teams to optimize their leadership potential.

Give your leadership teams deep insight into self and help them raise the bar.

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