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Powering your virtual fall recruiting: A panel with the Kraft Heinz company, HireVue, and Handshake

It’s no secret that the fall 2020 recruiting season is going to be atypical. But with the right tools and planning, companies can find the best-fit talent for their organisations through virtual hiring.

Join us as we sit down with Hayden Kornblut (Head of University Relations at Kraft Heinz) and Luke Baxter (VP of Product at Handshake) for a discussion about creating presence in the virtual graduate recruiting landscape and how virtual recruitment helps businesses identify and hire top-tier talent more quickly and efficiently than before.

  • Respond to student needs and adapt to higher ed’s plans for going digital this fall.
  • Construct a COVID-19-proof HR ecosystem to power virtual engagement.
  • Find diverse, qualified, early talent to help achieve your hiring goals.
Powering your virtual fall recruiting

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