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WEBINAR: Fireside chat with NetApp & Sykes

How NetApp and Sykes maximise virtual hiring experiences and ROI

It’s no secret that HR budgets are constricting. Some recruiting teams are also smaller while seeing higher applicant volume for their open roles. Despite the current climate, you still need the right tools to help you find the best candidates, while making sure your processes are fair and inclusive. With the new reality of virtual hiring – how do you make the most of this shift and work with video solutions that are scalable, efficient and fair?

Watch this fireside chat to hear how two talent acquisition leaders:

  • Maximise the value of their virtual hiring investments and how that drives success for their teams
  • Changed their hiring processes for the better and built world-class hiring experiences
  • Built the business case for HireVue at multiple companies


Larry McAlister, Vice President of Global Talent at NetApp

Larry has 25+ years of HR experience. He currently enables NetApp to build high-performing teams through a growth mindset, ongoing conversations, and effective management. He believes in leading with authenticity and creating a place where NetApp talent can continue learning and growing their careers.

Marci Sigmund, Head of Talent Acquisition – North America at Sykes

Our team of more than 70 recruiters in countries around the globe find and select the best talent for our Fortune 500 clients including top consumer brands, healthcare organisations, technology, retail, banking and financial services. We’re always hiring at our sites and our globally recognised work-at-home programs.

Dina Taylor, VP of Solution Architecture at HireVue

Dina and her team design hiring processes, run consulting workshops, and ultimately convert concepts and ideas into strategies and execution plans. Dina has 15 years experience working with some of the world’s largest businesses, and is passionate about transforming hiring experiences.

Fireside chat with NetApp & Sykes

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