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  • Regions most Comprehensive HR transformation solution to empower your business & streamline HR process.
  • Join the league of over 500 organizations who have trusted us with their HR application
  • Regional implementation and support in the Middle East, we bring a global perspective and deep local expertise to our clients.
  • Highly configurable, supporting local languages inc. Arabic and complying with all regional regulations

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Embark on a seamless HR transformation journey with our tailored HCM solution,
designed specifically for your organization’s excellence.

Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Post various job boards, track progress and analyze resumes 
  • Recruiters can schedule interviews, manage candidate communication and store candidate database
  • Create configurable workflows that fit the hiring process
  • Provides analytics dashboards and reports to track hiring metrics and gain insights
  • Recruiters can manage the hiring process on-the-go with a mobile app
  • Seamless collaboration and communication between hiring managers, recruiters, and other stakeholders
  • Easily Integrates with other HR tools to streamline HR operations

HR Foundation

  • Store and manage employee records, such as personal information, employment contracts, and performance reviews
  • Organisation can manage payroll and employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and time-off requests.
  • Ensures that an organization manages compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Identifying and developing talent within an organization for key roles and positions leads to Succession Planning.
  • Employee Self-Service portal for employees to access their own information, such as pay stubs, benefits information and time-off requests
hr foundation

Workforce Management

  • It provides employee scheduling and shift management, time-off requests, and schedule optimization.
  • Tracking time and attendance, including clock-ins-outs, and time-off requests
  • Helps you to configure absence, attendance & manage timesheets
  • Managing tasks and assigning them to employees based on skill sets, availability, and workload
  • Monitoring and analysis of employee performance, including key performance indicators (KPIs), performance metrics, and productivity analysis
  • Enable employees to raise travel requests & also settle the claims and reimbursements as per the organization’s policies
  • Leverage analytics to provide insights on the workflows and create multiple configurations to manage resources
workforce management

Payroll & Compensation

  • Benefits Management helps you record company-based benefits like insurance, medical coverage etc
  • Effectively recognize, and compensate a high performance with compensation planning and administration module
  • Gain complete control over your payroll processes, data and costs with dashboards and reports that allow HR professionals to track key metrics and gain insights
  • Accommodates specific business needs like dual pay slip, multi-currencies, monthly pay processing, generate and send across pay slips to employees
  • Direct upload into Government sites
  • Web-based solution and Integrates with Swipe Card / Biometric devices
  • Easily configurable solution compliant to statutory requirements and Integrates with finance modules

Tech Features

  • The Web & Mobile Framework enables employees to engage better
  • AI Engine understands user preferences and provides relevant information
  • Users can create their own report via drag-n-drop, build and publish tools with Report Engine.
  • Analytics Engine facilitates data representation based on user-controlled visualization
  • Automation & Intelligence provides resource intelligence, saving time, cost and effort
  • The Workflow Engine allows users to define custom business processes with appropriate approvals.
  • Security engine is built on 7 layers of data security to manage rules, rights of access and ensures total data protection also approved by GDPR Compliant & SOC2 Type 1 for compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
tech feature

Regional Features

  • Support for Arabic, French and multiple languages to accommodate employees in different regions.
  • Helps to integrate with regional job boards
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of the regions
  • Tailored to the cultural norms and practices of different regions with Localization of HR processes
  • Provides Localization of content for the region, such as benefits information, company policies, and employee handbooks
  • Offers payroll Compliance over 40 regional countries with the local tax laws and regulations of the regions where it operates
  • Integration with local banks to facilitate payroll processing and other financial transactions
  • Support three digits and regional currencies for benefits administration, financial transactions and payroll
  • Provide regional tax reporting and compliance tools
  • Offer regional customer support to assist clients in different time zones and languages.
  • Manages global mobility, such as work visas, immigration, and relocation services
Regional Features

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Employee Engagement

  • Social collaboration, such as chat and discussion forums, where employees stay connected to their colleagues and the organization
  • Conducting employee surveys, to understand employee satisfaction and engagement levels and make improvements
  • Solicitate and manage employee feedback, which can help employees feel heard and valued
  • Promoting employee wellness, such as wellness challenges and fitness tracking
  • Send Virtual Rewards or Credit points to motivate colleagues, congratulate team or department – all in a few clicks
  • Promote a culture of knowledge creation and sharing with help of various content and collaboration tools
emplyoee engagement

Performance Management

  • Setting and tracking employee goals, enabling managers and employees to align objectives
  • Conducting regular performance appraisals and reviews.
  • Align your Merit increases and Bonus distribution to performance, thereby building a Pay for Performance culture
  • Performance dashboards that enable managers to monitor and track individual and team performance
  • Managers provide feedback and coaching to employees on their performance and development
  • Gather 360-degree feedback from peers, managers, subordinates, and other stakeholders
performance management

Learning Management System

  • Organizations can create and manage their own training courses, making it easy to customize training
  • Content library of pre-built courses and resources, covering a wide range of topics, including compliance, technology, and soft skills
  • Personalized learning paths, enabling employees to tailor their training to their individual needs and goals
  • Manage assessments and certifications, allowing organizations to validate employee skills and knowledge
  • Enable blended learning approaches, employees to learn through a mix of online and offline training methods
Learning Management System


  • Customizable dashboards that offer a real-time overview of key HR metrics, such as headcount, turnover, and performance
  • Range of standard reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports, enabling organizations to track HR metrics and KPIs
  • Predictive analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to anticipate workforce trends and identify potential issues before they become problems
  • Cost analysis of compensation, benefits, and identify areas for improvement.


  • UI ensures a seamless UX across multiple user touchpoints
  • Smart Sign in for Smarter Workforce with Geo fencing feature
  • Mobile app can be customized to meet the unique needs of each organization
  • Push notifications to keep employees and managers informed of important events
  • Our mobile first approach helps employees engage better
  • Available on the app store in Android and iOS

Chat Bot

  • Voice-activated chatbot redefines employee engagement
  • AI-enabled BOT to get smarter the more you interact
  • Easy integration with apps like Facebook to allow interactions with the Bot without getting into the application.
  • It understands what the user wants and gives the best relevant information
  • Contextually aware Powered by NLP capabilities & Multilingual
  • 24×7 Personal assistant and speedy resolution of HRIS related queries

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Deployment flexibility

Deployment flexibility

On Prem, Public and Private cloud

flexible licensing

Flexible Licensing

Perpetual and Annual



ME, Africa, South Asia, SE Asia, and AP



In Region Cloud

HR service desk

People analytics

Real-time actionable, cockpit views, charts and analytics

people analytics

HR service desk

Centralized ticketing system and workflows



ERP, T&A, Assessments, LMS etc



High ROI and Low TCO

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

RPA, BPM, BOTS, Mobile


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