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Recruitment software

Saba Recruiting enables the business to find, attract, engage and hire the best talent that drives business success. It also helps to automate the recruitment process, coordinate communications between the candidates and the hiring managers, measure performance on a real-time basis on a unified platform. Keeping the recruitment experience in mind, it provides an intuitive, collaborative and expert solution for the recruiters, hiring managers and job-seekers. Saba has a native mobile App with capabilities for Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Talent Link - Recruiting

Saba Cloud mobile apps

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Talent Link - Recruiting


Learning Management

Better Candidate Experience

+45% Increase in
application volume

Learning Management

Lower Hiring Cost

+50% More efficient
budget allocation

Learning Management

Better On-boarding Experience

+45% Increase in hiring
manager response rates

Video Interviewing

Faster Hiring

+42% of jobs filled on time

Video Interviewing

Improve Recruiter Productivity

+43% More Time Spent on Relationship Building

Video Interviewing

Quality of Hire

+44% Stronger New Hire <> Job Fit


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