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How focusing on skills grows revenue and improves productivity

What they tend to overlook, however, are the revenue-generating opportunities that developing their employees skills provide. Not focusing on your people first can cost you.

Don’t get us wrong. Were not saying that CEOs don’t recognize the importance of skills. In PWCs most recent CEO survey, 55 percent of CEOs claim that a lack of available critical skills is impacting their ability to innovate effectively and 44 percent claim they’re unable to pursue market opportunities. Yet, when asked what their top strategies are to drive revenue growth, “closing the skills gap” isn’t even on the list. Why the disconnect?

Rewards and Recognition

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This opportunity to redesign the way we work and pursue what’s possible may never come again — let’s not waste it.

To help guide your path forward, we asked talent practitioners around the world – as well as renowned thought leaders from companies like The Josh Bersin Company, The Fosway Group and more – what they have to say about rebuilding a future that works for all.And what they had to say may just give you a new lens through which you view your organization’s approach to work.Filled with proven strategies, revealing statistics, and practical examples, this guide will give you the insights and inspiration you need to meet the future ready.

You’ll learn why (and how) you should:

  • Make learning foundational to people and business growth
  • Turn skills into your new growth language
  • Connect skills development to career paths
  • Let artificial intelligence (AI) do some of the heavy lifting

Download the guide now to learn how you can rebuild a workplace that empowers everyone to adapt, grow, and succeed!

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