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The millennials

Look out for these 7 kinds of workmates at your office

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It’s easy to identify people who think they are the know-it-all, but in case you are still wondering who these people really are, here’s our list. They can be easily spotted for they are always in motion and perched comfortably in every department! And, whether we would like to admit it or not, life’s definitely not fun without them. After all, all of us do need to let our hair down and have a moment of mirth, eh?

The millennials
The Ambitious Intern

It’s their first day at work and despite that novice tag they come up with a plan to change how the company works. They don’t really care who you are (you could be an ‘about-to-retire’ employee!) they still feel they’ve got the company’s back. Since they are super enthusiastic they’ll try to get to know everyone – from the office boy to the top management – as quickly as possible. And, why not? They are on a mission not yet accomplished!

The Big-beak Bird

Everyone turns to this person for NEWS! They are in fact true to their name. They think it is their responsibility to poke nose into everyone’s affair. They also have their little spiders and birdies who keep them well-fed with what’s happening where. Whether it is ‘who-is-saying-what’ behind someone’s back or ‘who-is-strategising-against-whom’…this birdie knows everything (or claims to know) inside-out!

The ‘If-I-would-have-been-in-their-place’ sayer

Whether you are in a situation or would land in one, this colleague is ever ready with a hypothetical stance. They would give you unsolicited advice on what you should rather do. They make it sound as if it’s the only way forward. If you choose not to pay heed to them they will still not relieve you from their grasp and say, “See, I told you, but you never did take me seriously”!

The ‘I-won’t-take-orders’ from anyone

Clearly, they know what they are doing even if they are stuck in a mind-boggling tornado-like situation. Even if someone wishes to give them a useful piece of advice they would put their best arrogant face forward and refuse any kind of help. Perhaps, they will one day unlearn this attitude and stop being haughty or not, who knows?!

The Fashion forward

They judge you on your fashion sense. In fact, they won’t spare anyone. Period. It wouldn’t be surprising if they sit you down and give you a ‘what’s trending’ capsule in under 60 seconds. If you are known to them they might volunteer to style you and hammer some style IQ in you!

The ‘Forever-in-the-criticising-mode’

Say hello to Captain Braggy Pants or the flaw-picker! Because they think theirs is the perfect way of doing anything they are always up for ridiculing others for their lack of foresight. If a team outing doesn’t go as expected they are likely to say, ‘I knew it from the beginning that it is going to be a disappointment’! As a matter of fact, they will brag about their wisdom without you asking for it!

The ‘I-know-what-you-got-for-lunch’

Like it or not but this fridge-raider has news about who’s got what for lunch. How do they make it possible is beyond us, but may be the pantry staff gives them an update?! And, because they are a foodie (or forever hungry?!) they are likely to be friends with a majority of people at work and lunch at different tables, everyday! Talk about priorities, eh!

Ref: Peoplematters & Sharanya Manola

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